How To Find A Good Roofing Contractor When Pressed For Time

Men Repairing Roof

So, your roof has been damaged by recent storm damage or hail. You’ve heard conflicting information on whether you should call your insurance agent first or interview local roofing contractors. The first pitfall to avoid is, never pay a roofing company any money until all work is finished. With that in mind, a free roof inspection can be helpful prior to filing an insurance claim. Let them get on your roof to avoid the danger and to get an accurate assessment of any damage.

Also, if your roof is over 10 years old, it might be helpful to get a free roof inspection now. It’s good to document before and after pictures for any future potential insurance claims.

If you have damage you need to be fixed immediately, find a roofing contractor who is willing to offer emergency roof repair. You don’t want to experience additional water damage while you wait on your full roofing insurance claim for storm damage.

When interviewing roofing companies, take a look at their workmanship warranty. Make sure you’re getting a 10-year warranty and a maintenance check every couple years.

Also, check on their general liability policy to ensure there is enough to cover the full cost of your home and any potential problems. One to two million dollars in general liability policies is recommended.

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