Why Is It Not A Good Idea To Put Off Replacing Your Roof After A Hail Storm?

Roof with circle marks

Although it may be interesting to watch, a hailstorm can wreak havoc with your home and cause significant damage to your roof. Hail damage is insidious and may be difficult to spot – but failing to make repairs can be costly. Here are some of the most common reasons people make the costly mistake of putting off roof repairs – and why you should seek help right away after a storm.

  1. A patch is cheaper. While patching a visible hole may be less expensive in the short term, a lot of the damage caused by hail is to the structural integrity of your roof. If you have shingles, attempting a patch or mismatched replacement can actually damage your roof more than the original hail and can end up costing you more in the long run. You can lose more than your roof if water enters your house. From mold to water damage and even a wildlife invasion, just patching a spot can cause you plenty of headaches in the future.
  2. My insurance agency says the roof is fine. Insurance agencies are in business to make money, and if they can put off making needed repairs, they will. If you see the other homes on your street all need new roofs, your house may very well need one, too. Make sure you get an independent inspection of your own and don’t just rely on the word of a single insurance adjuster to protect your most valuable investment. The best way to get a fair and accurate idea of the condition of your roof, the damage the storm caused, and what the best course of action to take next is to get a professional evaluation of your roof after the storm. Our certified roof inspectors will inspect your roof and document the findings free of charge for you. Just contact us to schedule your free roof inspection.
  3. The salesman says I have to sign papers right now to lock in a price. Unscrupulous and unlicensed agencies swarm any area that has been hard hit by hail or other storms. While you may very well need a roof replacement, you don’t have to be pressured into one. Make sure the contractor you choose is actually licensed and/or certified to work in your area and has a stable, solid existence in your community before making a decision about your roof.
  4. No one else on the block needed a new roof. Hailstorms and the damage they cause are unpredictable and variable, so you may need repairs or a whole new roof while the house right next door escapes totally unscathed. Protect your home and investment by having a pro take a look after a storm. If you do happen to see roofing work going on in your neighborhood, there is a good chance that your home will need to be seen by a professional, as well.
  5. We have shingles, and only one looks damaged. Even if only a single shingle looks damaged, there could be significant underlying damage to your roof. That shingle could also let condensation into your home, damaging your roof’s integrity and raising your heating and cooling costs, too. A single damaged shingle today can be a flood, damaged ceiling or roof collapse in a year or two, so be safe and have your roof checked. ?
  6. No leaks = No problems: Your roof is not undamaged just because water isn’t actively leaking into your home right now; some problems develop over time, so by taking care of small issues you can keep them from becoming catastrophic ones. You may not even notice a leak until it becomes a huge problem, damaging your home and possessions, so have the roof checked to safeguard your investment.
  7. I have plenty of time to fix it up. Your homeowner’s insurance likely has a statute of limitations for roof repairs. If you fail to have your roof inspected and put off the recommended repairs, you may find that your insurance refuses to pay for the replacement at a later date. Read your policy carefully, and make sure you do not have a time restriction on roofing repairs.
  8. I don’t see any holes or leaks. If your car roof, sidewalk and garden ornaments all have damage, your roof likely does, too. You won’t be able to spot the problem from the ground, and even if you climb up onto the roof, it will be very difficult to accurately assess the damage unless you are a trained expert. Call a pro instead; the longer you wait, the worse the damage can become.
  9. My husband/dad/neighbor checked and it looks OK. Unless your spouse, parent or neighbor is a roofing contractor or expert, that person lacks the ability to assess your roof. Visible holes are not the only signs of damage; a single damaged shingle can impact the stability of your roof and endanger your home. A family member will have your best interest at heart but may lack the expertise needed to really evaluate your roof.
  10. My insurance agent says we can wait a while. Make sure to communicate these matters with your insurance company and not your agent. Even if your insurer does not have a statute of limitations on the repair, you may be insured for actual cash value only. As your roof and home age, your insurance company will have to pay less money to have it fixed – in many cases just the actual value of your old roof, not the true replacement cost of a new one. Again, time is not on your side in this scenario, so if you are told to wait a while, you should seek another objective opinion on your roof damage.

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