Monroe Gutter Guard Installation

Efficient Gutter Guard Installation Services in Walton County

There’s heavy rain in the forecast. Are your gutters clean and clog-free? It’s smart to be concerned about clogged gutters because your home can be damaged when gutters clog and overflow.  

Shield Your Home from Water Damage with Gutter Guards

Water from overflowing gutters can cause:

  • Basement flooding
  • Damaged siding, fascia boards, decks, patios
  • Water leaks in your living space.  

Clogged gutters will also cause wood siding, sheathing, and trim to rot; requiring expensive repairs. Installing gutter guards is a “once-and-done” upgrade that will protect your home from all kinds of moisture damage.

Horizon Roofing installs a highly advanced gutter protection system that will filter out all debris, eliminating gutter cleaning forever. Here at Horizon Roofing, we provide gutter guard installation in Monroe and the surrounding Metro Atlanta Georgia areas including all of Georgia.

For quality gutter guard installation in Monroe or the surrounding areas, call the pros at Horizon Roofing at 770-746-7611 or contact us online

Do Gutter Guards Require Maintenance?

Gutter guards do require maintenance, although significantly less than unprotected gutters. The type and frequency of maintenance depend on the specific type of gutter guard installed and the environment around your home. Here are some general considerations:

  1. Cleaning Debris: While gutter guards prevent large debris like leaves and branches from entering the gutters, smaller debris such as pine needles, seeds, and dirt can still accumulate on top of the guards or in the gutters. Periodic cleaning is necessary to ensure that these materials don't clog the guards or gutters.

  2. Inspection: Regular inspections are needed to ensure that the gutter guards are securely attached and functioning properly. This includes checking for any damage or wear and tear, especially after severe weather events.

  3. Moss and Algae Growth: In damp and shaded areas, moss and algae can grow on the gutter guards. These growths should be removed to maintain the efficiency of the guards.

  4. Seasonal Maintenance: In areas with heavy tree cover or during certain seasons (like autumn when leaves fall), more frequent maintenance might be needed to clear accumulated debris from the surface of the guards.

  5. Preventing Ice Dams: In colder climates, ice can build up on the guards, potentially leading to ice dams. Ensuring proper attic insulation and ventilation can help mitigate this issue, but the guards themselves may need occasional attention to prevent ice buildup.

Overall, while gutter guards greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required compared to unprotected gutters, they are not completely maintenance-free. Regular checks and occasional cleaning will help keep them and your gutters in good working condition.


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Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards in your Monroe, GA home offers a tremendous sense of peace. By reducing or eliminating gutter maintenance and clean up, gutter guards ensure that property owners no longer have to worry about hiring professional gutter cleaning services or having to climb up ladders themselves to clear out their guttering. They also prevent rainwater runoffs, helping property owners avoid water damage and yard erosion. With gutter guards effectively blocking off unwanted material, you can enjoy your home with one less hassle!

A major advantage of living in Georgia is that we are surrounded by beautiful vegetation. But this also means that when autumn arrives, the leaves begin falling and end up getting stuck in your gutters. 

Properly Installed Gutter Guards Can Help Prevent:

  • Roof Leaks
  • Basement Flooding
  • Gutter Damage
  • Damage to Exterior Walls & Insulation
  • Foundation Staining
  • Flowerbed Erosion/Landscape Issues
  • Mosquito Infestation

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