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Horizon Roofing has an excellent skill set to resolve your needs. Whether it’s your largest commercial roof down to your smallest of homes. Our process will include, experienced craftsmen in the roofing industry. A friendly and caring staff available to discuss your needs & when they occur your issues. We strive to ensure your roof experience is a great one from beginning to end.

Our initial FREE Inspection of your roof will be completed with you in mind. Whether that means you need a simple repair, or perhaps even a brand new roof. Our goal will be to educate you on the needs of your roofing system with a focus on what will save you money. Your choice in providers comes at a price. You need to protect your home & office including all of the items inside at all costs.

With a long list of references available upon request you can know from the experiences of others that you are in good hands. You can also check us out at the Better Business Bureau where we have maintained A+ business rating. We take pride in our work which in turn provides us an excellent reputation. With a wide variety of roofing options, we will have the perfect roof for you!


Hail and Wind Damage

These two occur the most during rough storms, and they can both cause the similar kinds of damage. Homeowners file claims because wind blows away portions of the roof.


Water Damage

Water damage is something even homeowners who live far from flood zones experience. Rough storms can create a leak in your roof, or a frozen pipe may explode while you are away. Either way, your insurance provides the necessary coverage to pay for the damages.


Fire Damage

Damage from a fire can be overwhelming, even if the fire is minimal. Rebuilding your home is a large out of pocket expense–one that most homeowners wouldn’t be able to afford without an excellent insurance policy and expert to walk them through the process.



Most experts agree that a typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years. Get your FREE roof inspection to ensure your roof isn’t damaged from wear and tear!