Common Causes Of Gutter Leaks


Gutters are one of those things that we don’t really notice nor appreciate everything that they do for our Georgia homes until something goes wrong. When your gutters begin leaking, how can you know what the problem is? Can you patch it yourself, or do you need to get a replacement? We’ve compiled a list of some of the common reasons our gutters tend to leak so you have an idea of what the source may be. However, if you aren’t sure or you need help repairing your gutters, please contact us! We at Horizon Roofing are here to ensure that your Georgia home is protected with the highest quality gutters and roofing. Read on to learn more.


Perhaps the most common reason your gutters leak is a clog! Clean them out before giving us a call, as your gutters could still be in perfect condition. Debris can block the water flow and cause runoff to trickle over the sides instead of making it to the downspouts.

Loose Fasteners

If the fasteners connecting your gutters to your roof are loose, the runoff water can flow off the rear edge. This can damage your fascia boards when this happens, so make sure to re-fasten the gutters to the roof. You may need to invest in stronger fasteners for this. If your fascia boards are already rotted, you will need to have them replaced. Gutters are not going to stay attached to any wood that is deteriorating!


After a few years of use, your gutters may have corroded in certain sections from gathering water. In many situations, these holes can be filled with either caulk or a waterproof sealant. However, this is not a permanent solution. If the hole is too large, or if you are looking for a permanent solution to the leak, you’ll need to contact professionals to replace that section of the gutters for you.


Just as water pooling in part of the gutters can lead to a hole, it can also cause cracks to form in your gutters near where the fasteners pass through the metal or where the gutters connect to one another. These sections are more likely to see debris accumulation, and sometimes the gutters will separate from each other as a result.

Improper Slope

The temperature changes in combination with the weight of debris and water in the gutters can cause your gutters to start sagging in certain spots. If this happens, the water will begin to overflow off the sides. This usually means you will need to rehang your gutters to get a proper slope.

Joint Separations

One of the weakest points in any gutter system is where the water must bend around a corner and connect to a new piece of gutter. This is where a lot of debris tends to gather and eventually causes the gutter to leak. The easiest fix is to replace that joint, but always consult a professional to see what needs to be done to be sure. Sometimes a little caulk will do the trick!

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