5 Architectural Styles And Their Ideal Window Styles

House Infront of Lawn

Your home’s architectural style can help guide you toward the type of window replacement you should pursue for your remodeling project. Be aware that combining certain architectural styles with the wrong style of windows may not look ideal.

Here are some of today’s architectural styles and the ideal window combinations:

1. Tudor – Based on early English building traditions, Tudor style became popular in the U.S. at around 1890. Tudor homes are known for their steep roofs, decorative half-timbering, and stucco exterior. Details are inspired by medieval architectural characteristics like intricate door panels and hardware. Casement windows with diamond grilles are the definitive Tudor window style, but unlike its traditional counterparts, you can enjoy modern features like hand cranks, energy-efficient material frames, and High-Performance glass options.

2. Craftsman – The Craftsman home style emerged from the Arts & Crafts movements of the early 20th century, notable for its handcrafted look. The exterior is typically made from stone, wood, brick, or other natural materials. The shallow roofline features exposed beams and rafters. Double hung windows, typically grouped in twos or threes, are a defining characteristic. The grilles are always oriented vertically, whether on windows or patio doors.

3. Contemporary – Contemporary architecture features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an immersive outdoor view. In addition to letting lots of natural light in, ample natural light has health benefits, such as promoting healthy amounts of sleep. Our High-Performance glass options reflect solar heat and UV rays, which helps reduce your indoor cooling requirements.

4. Farmhouse – American Farmhouse architecture is typified by its simple detailing, open floor plans, and central chimneys, with the occasional wraparound porch. Despite the asymmetrical massing, the front of the house will always have a gable. Double hung windows are again the ideal window style, but in this case, they should be taller than they are wide.

5. Prairie – The Prairie style is popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright and one of the first American architectural styles not based on Old World designs. Prairie homes are typically single-story structures with a central chimney. Its most striking feature is the rows of entry doors and small windows that evoke the prairie landscape. Casement windows with the distinct prairie grille design are ideal.

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