Choosing A Roofer? It Pays To Know What’S In Your Estimate!


If you’re planning for a new roof, picking a roofing company is the natural first objective. For most homeowners (maybe yourself included), this involves collecting a handful of estimates, chatting through your project goals, and seeing who makes you feel most comfortable. It’s the first step in an exciting, transformative process!

So, now that you have those estimates in hand, how do you pick your pro?

If your answer is “Pick the lowest price,” you aren’t alone! And, we get it. Here at Horizon Roofing, we’re homeowners too, and we understand the need to stick to a budget. Before you make the final choice, however, we’d like to give you a little food for thought to help you make sure you’re trusting your home (and hard-earned dollars!)

What Your Cheap Estimate Is NOT Telling You!

Lower price points are often made possible by one, several, or all of the following:

  • A lack of surface preparation. This reduces labor time, but it also reduces the longevity and quality of your finished product.
  • Cheaper quality products. Premium materials can cause a little initial sticker shock, but they more than pay for themselves over time by offering a superior lifespan, color retention, surface protection, and value.
  • No insurance coverage. Here at Horizon Roofing, for example, we will never be able to beat the prices of a fly-by-night roofing operation that doesn’t carry the proper credentials or coverage, and we have no interest in even trying. A lack of insurance leaves YOU, the homeowner, liable for damage and injuries.
  • No guarantees. Warranties and guaranteed work offer you peace of mind and also ensure that the company you pick is invested in the work they are completing.
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