Learn About The Signs Of A Roofing Project Scam Straight From Our Experts

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Fixing or building a roof will usually cost thousands of dollars, making it the perfect target for scammers. Our roof replacement experts talk about possible signs that you might have been or be at risk of getting scammed.

Poor Quality of Service

Do you feel like the finished roof repair isn’t good enough for your home? If you answered yes then there’s a good chance that you just paid someone that doesn’t really care about properly fixing your roof. See if you can contact the authorities or the Better Business Bureau and check if there are any ways to recoup your losses.

Excessive Roof Work

There are many cases where scams are disguised as more “comprehensive” service packages. For example, you don’t need a total roof replacement just to get rid of a couple of minor leaks. Reputable roof leak repair experts will always go for the most sensible option instead of the most expensive one and will recommend the most expensive option only if there’s no other alternative.

The Price Doesn’t Feel Right

A common way for scammers to attract potential victims is to trick them into paying them with low-cost services. Remember that roof work will require plenty of materials and a lot of labor, so there’s no way you can expect a quality fix with minimal resources. Always compare prices from multiple contractors and pick the most reasonably-priced (not the most expensive) option.

Failure to Provide Paperwork

It’s possible to avoid getting scammed in the first place by asking any roofing contractor to provide the right paperwork: licenses, training certificates, details to a physical address and a well-detailed estimate. Always ask yourself “Is there a certified roofing contractor near me?” and start making your list from there to avoid scammers.

Avoid scams and get proper roofing services from the best in the area. Horizon Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in the Metro Atlanta area.

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