Tips On How To Make Your Commercial Roof Last As Long As Possible

3 Steps

Commercial re-roofing is a substantial investment. A long-lasting roof translates to sustainability and a maximized ROI. Statistics show that the average building lasts about 75 years, while the average roof lasts only 15. Extending a roof’s lifespan up to 25 years makes a huge difference considering all the material, manufacturing energy and transport emissions that come with each roof and re-roofing project. How can you as a facility manager get the longest possible life out of a roof?

  1. Find The Right Balance Between Insulation and Energy Codes

    Most roofing professionals understand a building’s roof assembly serves an important role in controlling a building’s overall energy efficiency and building owners’ heating and cooling costs. However, some may not realize that codes mandate minimum thermal insulation requirements for the energy efficiency of most buildings.Energy conservation codes usually are adopted by individual states and are applicable to all buildings within that state. Most states have adopted one of several editions of the International Energy Code (IECC), published by the International Code Council (ICC), to serve as the technical basis of their energy codes. In some instances, individual states modify the IECC to address specific regional or local issues.

  2. Schedule Roof Inspections On A Regular Basis

    Even if you choose the most durable materials on the market for your new roof, over time your structure will start to show signs of aging. Severe weather, strong sunlight, and a variety of other factors can speed up the aging process for your roof. To prevent minor issues from progressing into severe damage, it is essential that you undergo roof inspections to stay one step ahead of any necessary repairs.

  3. Make Preventive Maintenance A Priority

    It’s important to have the roof repaired soon after it’s been damaged. The problem might get worse for your house if left unsolved. Aside from prompt response, however, Horizon Roofing recommends preventive maintenance. This means not waiting for problems to crop up; rather, you have your roof system checked by a reliable roofer regularly. It will save you from expensive repair costs, Helps prevent worse problems, and it protects your business from bad weather.
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