Is It Time For A New Roof?

Time for a new roof

Not Sure if You Need a New Roof?

Roofs are the most important part of every home’s weatherproofing and any leakage can lead to incalculable damages within a short period. Unfortunately, when a leak appears on the roof, it is never easy to get a roofer to make simple repairs for you. Most of the roofers prefer to offer roof replacement services as this is more lucrative in terms of payout, compared to offering simple repairs and maintenance services. However, if you understand why roofers are usually reluctant to offer repair services, you will increase your chances of procuring the services of a competent roofer to help you out.

Don’t Pressure The Contractor For Quick Roof Repair Diagnosis

It goes without saying that roofers make more money in roof replacements than in repairs hence they have a natural tendency to be reluctant when talking about repairs. Roofers perceive repair work as a thankless task that requires a huge chunk of time for the diagnosis yet homeowners tend to disregard the value of this time simply because they are not able to see the finished work. If you decide to give the contractor a lot of undue pressure, they may feel rushed to offer the diagnosis and this may lead to poor results. Simply let the roofer know that you understand know the importance of accurate diagnosis and you don’t wish to rush it in any way.

One Failure May Indicate The Possibility Of Other Failures in The Roof

Roofers are also reluctant to offer repair services because when the homeowner notices a leak five months after the initial repair was done, they will feel owed more repair services for free, even though sometimes the new leak may not be related to the initial leak. In most cases, the roofers are forced to choose between working either for free or irritating the customer by not doing the job or doing it at an additional fee. Therefore, give the roofer the assurance that you won’t be holding them responsible for subsequent failures on the roof and if they do occur, you will negotiate fresh terms of service.

Know That Installation Problems Never Occur Immediately

If your roof has never leaked before, it doesn’t mean that the original installation never had any issues. As a matter of fact, most of the common roof fails are always related to the original installation problems. Such problems sometimes take up to five or ten years after the original installation to show up and when leaks occur, the home might have been sold to another user or the homeowner may not remember the particular contractor who did the initial installation.

Then there are also those few homeowners whose roofs fail because the roofing material has surpassed its useful life. If the leaking begins when the roof is over 15 years old, it might be an indication that you may soon need to install a new roof, and these are the kinds of jobs that most contractors love to work on. Therefore, consider all these factors in case you have a problem with your roof and you are contemplating to replace the entire roof or simply get repair and maintenance services.

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