Commercial Roofing: Save Money Keeping Up With Your Roof

Save money keeping up

As a business owner, fewer things are more heartbreaking than looking up to see a steady stream of water is pouring into your building through the roof. In an instant, you are calculating the replacement costs, the time and money lost from having to shut down your commercial enterprise for repair, and how much aspirin you’ll need to buy to sooth the headaches that this mess is sure to bring on. Then you will find yourself wondering if it is all worth it.

While no one can fault these feelings of despair, it might not be as bad as you think. These days, commercial roofing companies are well equipped to handle almost any type of emergency and can usually repair your rooftop for a fraction of the cost that you’d need to replace it.

Whether you own an old apartment building with a sinking garden on the rooftop or a steepled church with a leaking attic, these roofing pros are experts at steep-slope or flat roof repair.

There are different kinds of repairs that these commercial companies offer, depending on what type of problem you’re facing. If time is a factor, it’s raining out and the leak is getting worse and the threat of further damage is real, you might consider a ‘basic repair option.’ In this instance, the technician responding to your call will evaluate the issue, document the case with photographs, and then move directly to a speedy, yet serviceable, solution. Once finished, the roofing company will submit a simple invoice documenting the repairs and the solution.

Having someone perform a work order without knowing the costs usually isn’t the best way to go, but when the water is pouring down, you want to protect your investment by any means necessary.

If an immediate threat is not present, take the time to have an estimate done. This way, the roof repair consultant can evaluate your flat or slopped rooftop for any and all damages, present and be looming, and give you a detailed estimate of the repairs suggested as well as how much you can expect to pay.

These are free, no-obligation quotes and they will take the time to explain everything in detail before beginning any repairs on your roofing system.

A quality commercial roofer will also stress the importance of preventive roof maintenance. Offering routine, scheduled inspection programs for a minimal upfront cost, you can ensure that emergencies such as leaks and cave-ins do not occur in the future.

These maintenance programs should also come with a warranty and emergency repair coverage. This ensures that day or night, if there is ever an issue with the materials or workmanship of a commercial roof repair company, they will back it up with prompt service and covered parts. This commitment proves to you that they will stand by their services and products and ensure that you won’t need to buy any more aspirin when a roof repair is needed.

When you have a roofing emergency and the sky seems like it’s falling, do not fear, Horizon Roofing offers inexpensive ways to complete slopped or flat roof repair.

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