New Roof Installation And How To Find A Quality Roofing Contractor

new roof installation

Roofing replacement is a costly project you want to be done right the first time, so finding a skilled contractor at a fair price should be your top priority. Don’t rush through this process – vet your contractors carefully as the future of your roof depends on it.

Shopping for a skilled & reliable roofing contractor is much like shopping for anything else with a large price tag. Do your homework to learn about each potential candidate before taking the plunge with any particular company

Tips for finding a reliable roofer include:

  • Word of Mouth. Ask your friends, family, or co-workers who they recommend for roof repairs. Call your local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations, check Better Business Bureau as well.
  • Interviews. Contact several roofing companies and get a comparable estimate. Getting multiple roofing estimates is key – only by comparing the information you will know who is the best fit for the job and what the project is going to involve in terms of cost. Ask about their money-down policies. Compare the materials each contractor prefers to be sure your roof will be repaired or replaced with the best quality available for the price you are paying. Ask them to bring references, and notice if they show up on time. Reliability and exceptional customer service are as important as the skill level they bring to the table.
  • Credentials. Choose a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured. Ask about both indemnity (liability) and worker’s insurance, noting the coverage end dates. Check the length and types of warranties they provide. Both materials and workmanship warranties can vary greatly, and some roofers offer comprehensive systems warranties as well.
  • Logistics. Find out how long the job will take to determine if the contractor’s schedule meshes with yours. Ask who will do the actual work: do they have their own team or is there a subcontractor? If the latter, ask the contractor to supply subcontractor contact information and ask the subcontractor all the same questions.
  • Financing. New roof installations can be pricey. A qualified roofing contractor that provides financing could be the right choice depending on your individual situation.
  • Online. Check the roofer’s online reviews at sites like Google+, Yelp, InsiderPages, or ask around on Facebook and Twitter.
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