How To Prepare Your Roof Replacement Budget

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Replacing your roof is a serious purchase. Budgeting for it and the installation takes more than just knowing the cost of the material, labor, and permit. It needs careful planning to make your payments manageable and ensure you could overcome delays with sufficient financial resources.

Be Realistic

Realize how much you’re willing to spend or your budget would become a nightmare. The prices of the materials themselves vary greatly. They’re not all easy or hard to install either. These factors would affect the overall cost of your re-roofing project.

Minimize Any Guesswork

Make every effort to avoid allowances. An allowance is a number used by the roofer as a placeholder for the items yet to be specified. Figure out every single component you would like to use to help your contractor come up with an accurate estimate. If you don’t do enough to eliminate allowances, you would wind up spending more than the ballpark price of the materials.

Prepare for Contingencies

Many things could affect its timeline, causing it to take longer to complete. If something doesn’t go as planned, your project could become costlier than you think. To keep it from stalling due to lack of funds, set aside 20% of your budget to cover any unexpected but necessary work.

Explore Different Payment Options

More than 80% of homeowners pay cash, but the remaining nearly 20% use credit cards and financing options. Take a comprehensive look at your financial situation over the long term to decide on the best payment method.

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