Are Pests Damaging Your Roof?

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When considering different kinds of potential roof damage, it may be from pests! It is common to have pests but it is not something you want to wait to get fixed!

Do you know what to do if pests damage your roof? Finding pests in your home is not fun, and your roof is no exception.

Most roofs are made to withstand years of wear and tear, but often it is small pests that will make their way inside. During the colder months, pests need to find warm places to hibernate. They will look for or create weak spots on your roof. And as the seasons change, their families will grow, and so will the damage to your roof. If this goes unnoticed for too long, the damage can spread to other areas of your home. So, if pests damage your roof, what can you do?

First, we’ll look at some pests that cause a lot of roof damage. And then we’ll discuss what to do if pests damage your roof.

Pests That Damage Your Roof

The types of problems you’ll have depend on the types of pests in your area. Here in the south, we commonly have issues with mice, rats, termites, birds, bees, and especially ants. They each specialize in causing different types of damage.

1. Termites

Termites will quickly target areas of your roof with mold and/or rotting wood. As they develop their colonies, they weaken the wooden structure of the roof. This can loosen shingles or roof tiles.

2. Bats and Birds

Bats and birds make nests in your roof and produce unpleasant droppings once they’ve nested. This adds to the deterioration of your roof. It is important to replace rotting or damaged fascia boards to keep them out.

3. Ants

Like termites, carpenter ants will weaken the wooden roof structure, causing extensive damage. If left untreated, this damage will grow significantly. Other ants, like fire ants, are known to chew through electrical wiring and insulation.

4. Mice and Rats

Mice and rats will chew through a large combination of substances that make up your roof and hold it together. When chewing through wood, they harm the structure of your roof and open it up to the elements. And when chewing through electrical wires and plumbing, they create risks of fire and water damage.

5. Bees

While carpenter bees create tunnels in wood, making your structure much weaker, they also invite other problems for your roof. Woodpeckers are attracted to carpenter bee larvae and damage the wood by pecking for the larvae. In turn, the bees are driven further into the infested wood, worsening the damage.

What to Do if Pests Damage Your Roof

First, hire an exterminator. Then, call a professional roofing contractor like Horizon Roofing who knows what to do if pests damage your roof. We work efficiently and effectively because we know pests do too. We’ll take care of the repairs, from the fascia to the roof, and help you guard against future unwanted visitors. We want you and your family to be the only ones enjoying the protection of your roof.

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