Do This If Your Home Is Struck By Lightning


There is a potential that your roof could be hit by lightning during a significant storm. It might not be something you want to think about, but the risk of lightning can be rather substantial especially if your home has a metal roof.

You should be cautious when it comes to lightning and the impact that it may have on your roof. You will need to do a few things if you notice that your roof has been hit by lightning regardless of how intense the bolt might be.

Our team at Horizon Roofing can help you with resolving problems with your roof after you take care of the more pressing concerns that might have impacted the quality of your roof and kept the space from being as safe as it should be.

#1. Make Sure Everyone in the House Is Fine

All the people in the house should be safe and unharmed. Check on if anyone needs attention. Be sure your pets are safe too if you have any. The deep sound and other concerns that have come about could be substantial, depending on what might be happening where you are.

#2. Contact the Emergency Authorities

You will need to contact the proper emergency authorities even if you do not notice a fire hazard. There is a potential that the thermal energy produced by lightning could produce intense heat on a surface and therefore make it capable of possibly starting a fire. Thermal imaging cameras should be used by the authorities to see what areas need controlling before fires can develop.

#3. Look for Any Possible Openings

Sometimes an older roof could experience substantial damages. It often comes from the roof having older tiles or backing materials. You would have to check the roof to see if there are any obvious problems like loose or missing tiles. The most severe situations could entail a leak coming through your property as it is. The leak may end up being substantial and could let in air and water, among other things.

#4. Reach a Roof Repair Team for Help

You’ll need to get in touch with a roof repair team to fix any possible leaks that come about. The good news about this is that we at Horizon Roofing can help you with all the unique roof repair requirements that you might hold.

Reach out to Horizon Roofing if you have any roofing problems. This can easily happen after a storm and after lightning strikes. We will assist you with all need repairs. Our goal is to see that we resolve any roofing issue you may have.

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