7 Questions for Your Commercial Roof Inspector

7 questions

There are clear signs and ratings supporting whether or not you’re dealing with a safe roofing contractor, and these should always be taken into account when choosing a commercial roofing partner. However, to maximize the longevity of your roof and to make informed roofing decisions in the future, we recommend asking questions similar to those listed below.

What Are Specific Parts of the Roof You Concentrating On?

Concentrate on getting details on roof weak points or vulnerable spots. This question not only gives the roof owner a better idea of roof weaknesses, it can also verify that the commercial roof inspector is familiar with your roofing system.

What Part of My Roof Can I Pay More Attention To?

This information can help tremendously in diagnosing future issues and making informed decisions. Should your roof ever become damaged or have issues, it’s helpful to have an idea of where the problems stem from.

What Roof Systems Does the Technician Have Experience Working On?

Roof systems can vary dramatically depending on what they’re made of and how they’re installed. It’s best to validate that your roof inspector has experience on your type of roof before making the service call.

What Are the Hours and Procedures for Handling Emergency Service Calls?

While we hope your roof never causes an emergency, accidents happen. Knowing how your commercial roofing company handles a crisis is vital should the situation ever arise.

Will Cad Drawings or Aerial Shots of Property Be Provided as a Basis for Documentation and Service History?

Most commercial roofing inspectors will provide a drawing, image, or schematic detailing the roof’s area and condition. These documents can be great tools for evaluating the roof as a whole and making future decisions.

Will Photo Documentation of Problem Areas and Repairs (Before and After Photos) Be Provided?

When working with a commercial roofing company, it’s nice to know when your roof’s problems are in the past. Unless you’re willing to climb on the roof and inspect it yourself, roof inspectors should provide before and after photos of damage and repairs.

Do You Offer Infrared Inspections for Identifying Roof Moisture?

One of the newest tools in roofing is the use of infrared inspections to identify roof moisture and diagnose the roof’s condition. These inspections often find moisture damage not easily seen by the eye and provide a thorough evaluation of the surface’s temperature and moisture content.

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