4 Tips To Get The Best Roofing Estimate

Best roofing estimate

Take These Steps to Find the Right Crew and Perfect Price for Your Roof Installation.

A roof repair or new install can be a huge investment for any homeowner, so it’s highly important to be picky when selecting roofing contractors. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the first bid a residential roofer gives them, but it might not be the best price available for the project.

If you’re planning to hire a crew for a roofing installation or repair, consider the following tips:

Obtain at Least Three Roofing Estimates

Getting at least three different estimates will help ensure that you find the best price and company. Don’t just choose from the first few roofing contractors that show up on an Internet search.

Choose a variety of small and large businesses after taking recommendations from family members, neighbors, friends and members on Angie’s List. Also be sure to get a minimum of three references from each roofing company before you hire.

Know What Your Roofing Contractor Is Looking For

Your roofer will inspect the roof before providing an estimate, but you should know what they will be looking for to get a good idea of what to expect in the estimate.

In addition to roof pitch and size, the following factors will affect the final estimate: layers of shingles that need removal and replacement, damage to the decking, and water damage to the roof and nearby structures.

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