3 Shingle Installation Mistakes You’Ll Regret Later On

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The quality of your roofing is relative to the quality of its installation. Moreover, every detail in the installation process — even minor ones — can make a big difference in the overall quality of your roof. Some common mistakes are small errors that inexperienced roofers can easily miss. That is why hiring a competent professional is also an important part of your roof installation project.

Incorrect Method of Nailing

Nailheads should be flush with the top of the shingle. If the nails on your roof are over-driven, under-driven or at the wrong angle, wind or wind-driven rain can lift the shingles. This can potentially result in blow-offs and water damage to your roof.

Misaligned Shingles

An improperly aligned shingle course can affect the aesthetics, wind performance and seal strength of your roofing. Typically, roofers lay out every course of shingles in a staggered, stepped pattern, with the shingle edges of one course offset from the shingles below. If the edges are lined up with each other, this would allow water to penetrate the roof deck. Proper shingle alignment is usually indicated on the manufacturer’s instructions, so make sure to check this with your roofing contractor.

Failure to Include Starter Shingles

Installing starter shingles is crucial to preventing water channels from forming. Moreover, proper alignment should also be observed when installing starter shingles. This enables them to perform their main functions: water protection and wind protection at the eave and rake.

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