Three Tips To Help You With Roof Replacement

Top tips to keep your roof replacement on track

A roof replacement project can last anywhere from days to weeks and sometimes months depending on the size of a home. In addition, the weather, shipping, holidays and your contractor’s schedule all affect your project’s timeline. With all these factors in play, can you actually do something to ensure your project finishes on time? Horizon Roofing trusted roofing, shares some tips to help you.

  • Schedule the Project Properly – The time needed to complete your project depends on the season during which you schedule your remodel. Warmer months like spring and summer are the busiest seasons for roofers. If you schedule during this time, expect that your project may take longer to complete. If you need your project done as quickly as possible, consider scheduling during your contractor’s slow season.

  • Consider Your Budget – The amount you’re willing to spend on your project affects how long it takes to complete it. This is because some materials may require waiting several days or weeks for shipping. Using more common materials like asphalt shingles can help your project progress more quickly because they are easier to acquire. As an experienced roofing contractor, we recommend budgeting for unforeseen circumstances as well. This buffer will help you stay on track to help your project progress more smoothly in case of emergencies.

  • Handle the Necessary Permits Ahead of Time – Before you can begin the roof replacement process, roofing projects usually require you to secure a building permit from the local licensing office. This is important to do ahead of time because this can delay your project for months while your contractor obtains the permits. Fortunately, our years of experience has familiarized us with the different permits and local codes in place so we can prepare for your roofing project efficiently.

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