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You take care of your home because you want and need for it to continue to look good and function properly. There are parts of your home that you should always keep an eye on in order to ensure that they don’t need to be repaired or replaced, and your roof is one of those areas. More specifically, here are 6 things that can go wrong if you don’t replace your aging roof.

1. Water Damage

If your roof is older and in need of replacement, neglecting it could lead to obvious water damage. Areas of the roof that allow water to flow into your home are not only detrimental to the stability of the roof but your home itself. The water will rot the roof and could lead to even worse damage throughout your home. If you suspect this is happening to your current roof, you should move fast to get it replaced.

2. Health Risk

Along the same lines, an old and leaky roof can allow unwanted things into your home. It goes without saying that holes in your roof are a huge problem, whether they allow water in and mold and mildew to form or they are allowing rodents into your home. We don’t have to explain the danger rodents pose. Meanwhile, mold and mildew can lead to significant health problems. Depending on the type of mold, you may be looking at not only at the cost of replacing a roof, but also mold remediation.

3. Structural Damage and Collapse

An unsafe and old roof that isn’t doing its job could mean serious problems in other ways. If water finds new ways to leak into your home, it could be doing more damage than you think or is immediately visible. It may begin to wear and rot away at structural beams in your home which in turn can potentially lead to a roof collapse, and can even compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. That’s especially the case if the home in question consists of one story. Of course, you want to avoid anything even resembling a roof or structural collapse, because it will not only damage your home but could be very dangerous for you or your family, particularly during inclement weather.

4. Devaluing Your Home

An old roof in need of replacement will not only function poorly, but will also look bad. Especially if you are looking to sell your property, roof replacement is definitely a renovation that you’ll want to consider before you list it. When a potential home buyer looks at the property and sees that a new roof is sorely needed, they can easily be turned off because they don’t want to undertake a renovation right away.

Replacing your roof, on the other hand, will both increase your resale value of your home, and improve its curb appeal. Even if you are just looking to increase the equity of your property, whether you plan on using that equity to make further repairs and upgrades, or simply to increase your net worth, replacement of your old roof is a prudent choice.

5. Fire Hazard

By putting off repairs and roof replacement, you may unknowingly put your home at a fire risk. In addition to the plurality of problems mentioned above, water entering your home could get into places that it really shouldn’t. For example, many homes rely on electricity that comes in from the side of the house, or is roof-channeled into the panel box. Water that comes into contact with any electrical wiring is a huge fire threat to you and your family. It goes without saying that a fire in your home can both puts everyone in the home, as well as all of your valuables, at risk.

6. Negative Impact On You

Finally, and put simply, an old and worn out roof is just bad news. By not paying attention to your aging roof, letting a small leak go untreated or leaving ripped shingles untouched, you could end up significantly hurting yourself, your home and your family. If you see that your roof is getting older, you should immediately begin to think about an inspection. If you don’t, your roof could begin to leak and slowly deteriorate. Before you know it, your roof will no longer be reliable for you and your family.

By neglecting the status of your roof, you could end up paying a much larger price in the end. For example, water damage that is left untreated can rot, causing mold and mildew. As a result, instead of just paying for a roof fix or replacement, you are paying for a new structure to be built, along with remediation or professional cleaning to remove the health hazards in addition to a new roof.

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