8 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Commercial Roofing Project

8 questions

If your business, shop, or office needs a new roof, it’s best to gather as much information as you can before making a decision. A commercial roofing project can be a big investment, so get the most value for your dollar by asking these 8 questions before you shake hands or sign any paperwork.

1. Which materials are best suited to fit my needs, budget, and the environment in my location? If your business is in an area that experiences wildfires, remember that metal roofs resist ignition longer than ones made from any other material. Otherwise, rubber sheet or tile roofs are perfectly acceptable alternatives.

2. How long will the project last, and will I be able to stay open during the roof installation? Unlike many other construction jobs, a roofing project probably won’t require you to shut your business down. To have a rough timeframe to share with your customers, though, make sure to ask about how long the project is estimated to last.

3. What type of supervisor will be on site for my roofing project?

If the answer is anything other than the business owner, site manager, or a trained project manager, find a different roofing contractor. Each roofing job is unique and needs some sort of manager on hand who’ll make sure things are done right.

4. Since it will be sturdy and watertight, will a new roof save me money on insurance rates? Insurance companies take into consideration the possible cost of replacing computers, ceiling panels, and carpeting in case of a leaking roof. A new roof could lower your rates significantly.

5. What incentives are provided by my state and the federal government for commercial roofing projects? You might be able to receive a tax break for installing a new roof, especially if it’s well insulated against heat and cold.

6. What exactly is going to be replaced? Ask for a written estimate that covers labor, shingles and other roofing materials per foot, the cost of potential replacement plywood sheets, as well as anything else that might be needed.

7. Is the company I plan to hire fully bonded and insured? If they’re not, don’t hire them. Always ask for a letter from the roofer’s insurance company that guarantees he has worker’s compensation insurance.

8. Where will the roofer place the bin to receive all the old materials he’ll be taking down? A dumpster can permanently damage an asphalt driveway or concrete sidewalk. Make sure it’s placed on something that won’t crack or break under the weight of all the old roofing materials.

Rushing into a commercial roofing project is never a good idea. Take your time, ask questions, and make your choices wisely. For more information from trusted roofing specialists near you, contact our team at Horizon Roofing today to discuss your options (770) 746-7611.

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