Why Commercial Roofing Is Unique

Why Commercial Roofing Is Unique

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Commercial roofing requires different considerations to be taken than residential roofing. Usually, commercial roofing will be applied to a building or structure that is taller and bigger than a residence, which will require special ladders, a bucket truck, or some manner of lift system for materials to reach the roof.

The material used for roofing of commercial structures is not the same as homes. Residences use mainly asphalt shingles, but can also use slate, tile, or cedar shakes. However, 

commercial roofing 

utilizes metal roofing, thermoplastic, EPDM, or modified bitumen. The most prevalent type is EPDM roofing, which is a single layer of rubber roofing material found to be highly resistant to weather, damage, and abrasion. EPDM affixes to the roof by fasteners or by gluing the layer to the room. 

Often, we are called out to repair a section of roofing for a business and find many other areas that need attention. In those cases, we suggested employing a coated roof system, which coats the existing roof system, substantially extending the life of the roof.

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