What Most Roofers Don’T Want You To Know

What Most Roofers Don’t Want You To Know

If you have a roof that is in need of repair or replacing –curling shingles, leaking, stains on the ceilings, ugly stains on the roof, granules coming off—then we would like to share with you information that will make sure you get a roof that will actually last 30-50 years. We do something that is unique to this industry: We eliminate the problems most homeowners face when repairing or replacing their roof.

Because the vast majority of roofing contractors in the South feel like they have to cut the price in order to get the job, they offer customers inferior products and sub-standard specifications that will shorten the lifespan of the roof. Unfortunately, by skimping on quality and specifications, their roofs will only last 8-12 years, instead of the 30 they promised.

There are 3 MAJOR QUALITY SHORTCUTS taken by most roofers.

  • Not Nailing The Shingles Properly: Improper nailing is the main reason shingles blow off the house, and the homeowner has no idea because it can’t be seen from the ground. Improper Flashing Around Chimneys, Walls, and Dormers: Most homeowners have experienced a leak around their chimney or dormer 3-5 years after the new roof was installed.
  • Improper Ventilation: Without proper ventilation, a house will generate too much heat and moisture, which will cause the wood to buckle and mold to form. Without fail, a roofer will recommend installing a ridge vent –which is seen as a cure-all– never checking to see if that is the best option for your house. Make sure an attic assessment is done.
  • Improper Deck Preparation: It is vital that the wood the shingles sit on is in good condition. In fact, if the decking (plywood or boards) is not in good condition then the manufacturer will not warranty the shingles if they fail. Make sure the roofer checks or you are the ones that will lose out.
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