Free Roof Inspections In The Metro Atlanta Area

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How About A Free Roof Inspection in the Metro Atlanta area?

Sooner or later every homeowner will have to have a roof inspection. Why would this be necessary? In many states when buying a home, it is required that the roof is certified for inspection. Many lenders require an inspection before they will issue a check. Most homeowners assume their roof is properly installed and ready for severe weather. However, some roofs are vulnerable and even the strongest roof can hide some weakness. In fact, The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that homeowners inspect their roofs twice a year.

This Is What Your Roof Inspection Should Include:

ATTIC – Your attic should be inspected for:
  • proper attic ventilation
  • insulation for proper R-value
  • intake vents for blockage
  • the roof deck is sagging or if you can see natural light showing through the roof

FLASHING – Flashing should be inspected for:

  • proper flashing (dormers, valleys, side walls, eaves, and rakes)
  • chimneys for cracks and deterioration

SHINGLE DETERIORATION – The inspection should include looking for signs of:

  • loose, missing, curling, buckling, rotting shingles
  • algae growth

EVIDENCE OF ROT AND MOLD – The inspection should look for signs of:

  • water damage marks or dark spots with trails
  • rot and mold (especially when there has been constant exposure to water in the wood rafters)

Having your roof inspected allows the homeowner to avoid all kinds of potentially expensive repairs. In fact, a professional roof inspector can help you avoid possible structural damage to your home. Roof inspections can determine the strength of a roof, its longevity, and when it will need to be replaced.

According to

, roof inspectors have special procedures and super-technical equipment which help determine the lifespan of a roof without having to tear into it. Because you would not want anyone putting holes in your roof to inspect it, roof inspectors don’t have to touch the surface of the roof to determine its integrity. Infrared rays locate parts of the roof that may have higher or lower temperatures than the other parts of the roof. “Heat may be escaping from these “hot spots.”

The industry’s best roofing companies will provide a professional roof inspection free of charge. This inspection should be free of add-on service charges or anything else involving a fee. There should be no obligation to purchase services or products. This inspection will also help with the insurance claims process for storm damage. Many homeowners aren’t knowledgeable about what repairs or services are needed and covered by their insurance policy. A professional will inspect your roof, identify the areas of concern, provide advice on how to have these areas repaired, and help you prepare the insurance claim.

Finally, having a professional inspect your roof will bring peace of mind. Climbing onto a roof is a job for a professional who knows how to maneuver around a roof in a safe manner without causing damage to your roof. Knowing that your roof has been professionally inspected, what repairs, if any, are needed and having an expert available for help and advice will prevent the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

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